MARGIL is located in Atílio Vivacqua, part of the industrial pole of the Marble and Granite of the South of Espírito Santo, which since 1987 has been perfecting itself to be always current in the market. In doing so, we have created an invaluable reputation for integrity and high standards of business and professional conduct.

We offer Raw and Polished Plates. We also work with Cutouts, according to the demand and needs of our customers.

Talent and competence have become characteristics of our work, attested by our clients who have become faithful, developing a relationship of partnership and friendship. We have gained the confidence of the market due to our history of responsibility, honesty and competence in the products delivered to our customers.

With a qualified team, MARGIL has also stood out in the industry for the guarantee of product delivery within the combined specifications. Besides the quality of the products and customized projects, our refined finishing in the products delivered is becoming a competitive differential in the market.

A complete company, so we stand out in the market, attending from the small works, to the big demands.

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Business Guidelines

MISSION: Meet the needs of the market and our customers, guaranteeing the highest standard of quality and service.

VISION: To be a reference in the field of marble and granite, based on the professional ethics and the quality of the products offered, provided to our clients the guaranteed of their need served.

FOCUS: Conquer new clients and expand the area of ​​activity, through personalized and quality products and services, focusing on the offer of integrated solutions for the market.

SLOGAN: Turning your need into a solution.

- Commitment to the satisfaction of our customers;
- Ethical relationship with suppliers, customers and employees;
- Fellowship in the workplace;
- Socio-environmental responsibility;
- Tradition, competence and seriousness;
- Focus on quality;
- Safety in the workplace;
- Market visualization;
- Criativity and innovation.


Client: Always first;
Attendance: Focus on personalization;
Contributors: The reason for the success of the company;
Provider: Turn them into partners;
Our business: Create solutions with profitability;
Quality: Search incessantly;
Community: Integration and citizenship;
Social Responsability: Continuous exercise;
Environment: Collaboration in preservation;
Innovation: Constant evolution;
Continuous improvement: Always look for effective way to accomplish tasks and processes, resulting in quality products and services;
Communication and information: Pass the right information to the right person at the right time;
Warranty of the processes: Control and execute all procedures and activities with attention to quality and seek perfection, never conforming to the error.